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"Faire les Drapeaux"
Ceremony of Flags

28th of february 2008
Cité International Universitaire de Paris,

Performance with
Nicolas Cambon, Fabienne Coscas, Julien Hucq, Marlène Renaud-Bouchard

Nous tenons à remercier chaleureuse-
ment les musiciens et les maisons ayant acceptés de participer au projet

New flags are hoisted at the international houses on the campus of the Cité Universitaire. This ceremony is accompanied by a group of musicians. The international houses, built on the site of the Paris World Fair, have a representative protocol, which is interpreted and temporarily overwritten by this intervention. The lowering of the flag completes a choreographic circuit: the endless loop describing an abridged trip around the world within the structures of the CitéŐs microcosm.

blue moon / lune bleue
same same / kifkif
brothers / frangins

wind objects 2008

liberté, égalité, fraternité
Declared as personal rights, they acquire political, social and moral layers of meaning that are enshrined in the constitutions of western societies. It is precisely this principle claim of universality that presents an inconsistency and provides the basis for possible interpretation.

for the exhibition "Passenger" Ceremony of Flags performance "Faire les Drapeaux" wind objects Foto: Anne Couzon Cesca