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"Swing Vote"
ballot box
2004, Bremen, 120 x 80 x 40cm

plywood, rubber, weights
copy wallpaper: drawings, photography

–Freedom and Security
–Are you ready for democracy

Under the aegis of the UNU (United Nations Utopia) a ballot is organized offering visitors the opportunity to participate actively in the US 2004 presidential elections.
The polling station provides a display of accumulating votes, opinions and nonsense that keeps growing throughout the duration of the festival.

questionnaire: Freedom and Security
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Visitors of the "Mad(e) in America" festival in Schwankhalle Bremen, filled out questionnaires about Freedom and Security in the ballot station from October 27th to the 2nd of November 2004.
The number of male and female respondents was equal, multiple choice answers for single questions possible.

Evaluation (German) Download PDF

Are you ready for democracy
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The "National Survey of Iraq" conducted by the Oxford Research International in 2004, served as a blueprint for this questionnaire. Parts of the original were translated in German. This survey was answered by Bremen citizens in the age from 19 to 64.

Evaluation (German) Download PDF

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