Beatrice & Benzina
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"Utopian Embassy"
Propaganda, Consultation, Entry

2002, exhibition from 28th of June to 1.July townhall Neukölln, Berlin

2002, July, Diploma in Dresden, Oktogon

"Embassy of the United Nations of Utopia"

For the period of four days, we set up an imaginary embassy of the United Nations of Utopia in the town hall of the district Neukölln in Berlin. The declaration of Utopia on imaginary basis contrasts with the reality of a public space.

Visitors are welcomed at the reception desk in the entrance hall and are subsequently indoctrinated with utopian information and handed out questionnaires concerning their fantasies of fear and desire. Showcases displaying trophies and insigniae, as well as videos and active contributions by invited artist and musicians, conveye utopian impressions. A lectern is available for spontaneous speeches.

see also "United Nations Utopia" Speeches & Hymns, 2002, Berlin "Utopian Embassy", 2002 installation in Dresden Hymns in concert, Utopian Embassy on Karl–Marx–Allee, 2002 Berlin "Milk & Sugar", 2002 Berlin Performance Paradezer, sugar castle 2002 Berlin, 110 x 80 x 45 cm